Frequently asked questions

What is Rent my closet?

Rent my Closet is a rental service for designer dresses from Swedish and international designers. With us you can rent dresses for different types of occasions, from events with work or the Nobel party. Furthermore, we offer the opportunity to rent out the dresses you no longer use. Then you make money on them instead of just taking up space in the closet.

What are the benefits of renting?
  1. You get to wear incredible designer creations and pay about the same price you would pay to buy a dress from a mass market brand. Our dresses are made of fantastic fabrics, maintain high quality, fashion degree and are created by famous designers.
  2. The dress does not have to move into your wardrobe after the party and we promise, you would probably only use it once.
  3. You do not need to think about dry cleaning it after the party. We take care of washing and maintenance, we iron, repair, wash and make sure the dresses feel good.
  4. According to research, 70% of the garment’s climate impact occurs during the production phase. When you rent what has already been produced instead of buying new, you contribute to smarter consumption of fashion.
How long can I keep the dress?

We recommend that you plan your booking as follows:

Day 1: have the dress delivered to your home (evening hours 17-22, can also be left outside your door)

Day 2: match it with accessories, shoes etc.

Day 3: Wear it to the party

Day 4: Submit it to your nearest Postnord representative (if you live in Stockholm, we will book a pick-up at your home next Tuesday or Friday after your party).

But it is also possible to rent the dress for a week, but then you have to pay for it.

Is it possible to rent for a longer period?

Choose your dates in our calendar and you will receive the price for your specific period. The date should always be the date you want the dress delivered and the date you will hand it in to a postal agent (alternatively get it picked up with Airmee if you live in Stockholm).

I will have the dress no later than Saturday, when will I place an order at the latest?

If you place an order before 13:00, we can create a delivery order the same day. Then you will receive the dress at the earliest the day after 17-22 if you live in Stockholm, or two days later if you live in Malmö, Lund, Gothenburg, Linköping or Norrköping. That is, if you are going to have a party on a Saturday, you must submit your booking no later than Thursday 13:00 if you live in Stockholm or on Wednesday 13:00 if you live in another place that Airmee delivers to.

What happens if I provide incorrect information?

If you have provided incorrect information in your booking so that we have not been able to deliver, we will deduct an administration fee of SEK 200 from your refund. If you find that you have made a mistake, feel free to email us as soon as you can at and we will try to solve it as best we can.

How do I send the dress back after the party?
  1. Once you have used the dress, pack it in the same box in which it was sent. If you do not live in Stockholm, you will receive a return shipping note with the dress in the box that you can use when you send it back.
  2. It must be closed, otherwise there is a risk that the goods will be lost and / or damaged during transport.
  3. It must be submitted to your nearest Postnord agent on the day you chose as the return date when you made your booking (can be found in your booking confirmation
If the dress would not fit?

Most of our dresses are available in one size. Always check the size of the dress and always check in our virtual rehearsal rooms if the dress is right for you. Note that in the virtual test room you will also get an estimate of how the length will fit. If you get a grade above 6.0, the dress will probably fit well.

Should the dress not fit or it does not meet your expectations for any other reason, you can return it and get a full refund. The condition is that you contact us via mail it back with the associated return shipping note within 24 hours of receiving it. You get a full refund on the rental price excluding shipping.

  1. You do not have to wait for an approval from us. You can mail it back as soon as you send the email, as long as it is done within 24 hours. Always note the track number on the return shipping note.
  2. All tags on the dress must remain and the dress must be unused. The tags should not be folded or in any other way indicate that the dress has been used.
  3. You will receive a confirmation email from us as soon as we have received the dress back.
  4. The refund will be deposited on the same card that you used when booking within 10-12 days.
  5. These conditions only apply to bookings with a delivery date no later than 31 December.

Should the dress not fit or it does not meet your expectations for any other reason, you can still return it within 24 hours. You can then choose between two different options: either you get a refund of the rental price with a deduction of SEK 200 in administration fee or you get the entire amount credited and can use it on other bookings with us within 12 months from your original delivery date. You choose this on return and the choice cannot be changed afterwards.
The condition is that you contact us via and mail it back with the associated return shipping note within 24 hours of receiving it.

NOTE! These terms only apply to the bookings you make via the website and order with Airmee delivery. For other bookings made via our store, the terms stated in your rental agreement you sign in the store apply.

How does it work with laundry and repairs? Do I have to wash the dress after use? what happens if it is damaged during use?
  1. This is always up to us and the cost is included in the price. You should never try to wash or repair the dress yourself as you risk damaging it.
  2. Red wine stains go off in dry cleaning, there is nothing to worry about!
  3. Long dresses get dirty in the hem, we count on that and we take care of it afterwards, you do not have to worry about it either.
  4. Everything we can repair is included in the price.
  5. However, you are at risk that the dress may be completely destroyed during the rental, regardless of who caused the damage. If we cannot repair the damage, you are unfortunately responsible for the cost you would have paid if you had bought the dress. However, this rarely happens and we are super good at taking care of most things! Check with your insurance company if they cover costs that would arise in this case.